A friend recommended oDesk to me about a month ago. I’ve had good experience with Elance, and I wanted to compete for additional projects. I have already experienced the following three problems with oDesk:

1. I created a profile and they immediately flagged my account because my auto-fill had populated my name in upper case. Unfortunately, there was no intuitive way to make the correction using their website. I contacted customer service, and they eventually sent me a solution. I applied the solution, and there was a delay in activating my account. As a result, it took about a week before I was able to use the site. Speaking as a programmer, this never should have happened. When I was filling out the online form, it should have flagged the uppercase entry, posted an error message, and allowed me to make a correction before continuing. Evidently, whoever programmed this site doesn’t know much about web design.

2. I lost out on a bid because the site failed to e-mail me. By the time I noticed the project and submitted a bid, the client replied letting me know that he liked my qualifications better than the candidate he had just selected, but it was too late since the project had already been assigned.

3. I contacted oDesk customer support regarding these issues, and they started bombarding me with e-mail. The first rep was polite and helpful, even though he couldn’t resolve the issue. Unfortunately, after that, they put me in some sort of ***. I have now received e-mail from three other customer service reps, none of whom bother to read my previous replies. I have repeatedly advised them to close the tickets, but they just keep sending me more e-mail. Blocking them would probably mean blocking bid acceptance notifications, so I have to just keep deleting their spam manually. In my opinion, this is no way to run a company.

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